Guacamole Tartines

You don’t get avocado in India so I brought one to my mother-in-law since she liked it a lot when she came to visit last March.

One morning I decided to make Guacamole tartines for breakfast.

1 Avocado

2 tomatoes (if small)

I also added 2 sun-dried tomatoes as my mother-in-law aslo really likes them and I had brought a small box 🙂

1 lime

Bread for the tartines – Ideally whole weat bread or similar. I used white bread as it was the only one available.

If you have 2 avocados, just multiply the quantities of other ingredients by 2 as well to keep the balance.

Cut in small pieces the tomatoes.








Mash the avocado with a fork and add the tomatoes and the lime juice.

Add salt to your convenience.

Toast the bread and spread the guacamole paste on it.

Here is how it looked like before eating 🙂

Meanwhile my mother-in-law was making sandwiches. I took the opportunity to take pictures to make you discover.

It contains tomatoes and cucumber and probably some sauce although I am not sure exactly what it is.

They don’t really have a name and they call it 3 ingredients sandwiches as it has tomatoes and cucumber in it. Because of the colors, I decided to call it “Indian flag Sandwiches” :)))





It is very fresh and was really good to eat on a hot day in India (it went up to 110F..).


More to come on other Indian delicious food that I had over there!


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