Pasta, ti amo

I moved into a new apartment last week and didn’t get a lot of time to unpack since… Last week-end we were at a wedding in Massachusetts and I used my free 4th of July day to finally unpack most of our stuff – including kitchenware 🙂

I finally had a decent kitchen and could start organizing it – kind of.

Tonight I did what I call “emergency diner” : pasta with ready-made tomato sauce and cheese.

While unpacking we found this ready made tomato sauce that I forgot we had – or maybe my husband got it before I moved in 🙂
He was challenging me by asking if I would ever use this sauce. And I said Yes! So I thought I would start tonight since I didn’t have a lot of other options 🙂

We had this fancy cheese Pecorino Romano, that we got at Dean&Deluca. We had never heard of it and thought it would be a good change from the Parmigiana. It was a new taste and pretty good!

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