A macaron affair with Ladurée

There are these odd days where thoughts and encounters are randomly pointing towards one particular thing or person.

You know what I am talking about: when you think about someone and few hours later you happen to meet this person. Can I call that intuition?

Anyway, the other day I had in my mind the post I wanted to write about the new Ladurée opening soon in Soho.


They announced its takeover of the Barolo space on West Broadway (and Spring) way back in June 2012, and it’s finally scheduled to open in mid-November this year.

The “biggest Ladurée in the world” will include three salons, a restaurant, a macaron shop, a full bakery, and a terrace. Chairman David Holder is bringing in chefs from the Paris Ladurée to re-create the menu offered at the flagship on Champs-Elysées, which means you can expect black-truffle omelettes and pan-fried foie gras.

Grub Street is mentioning that the macarons will still be flown in fresh from France every day… what a treat!

This big stateside opening is one of many to come: the first-ever Miami store was scheduled to open this month on 1108 Lincoln Road. It will be similar in size to the small Ladurée shop on the Upper East Side — but with a special Champagne bar. Plus: A collection of macarons in Art Deco colors will launch in time for Art Basel.

Prepare for the Parisian pastry institution to infiltrate the rest of the country, as the company is currently real-estate shopping in Los Angeles and Chicago.

I worked for 6 month at the corporate office of Ladurée Paris, replacing the International Financial Controller on maternity leave. At that time, the UK and Japan stores were open and the US plan was in motion.

Ladurée just doesn’t want to open in a city or a neighborhood – they want to open at the best location there and they will wait for it – no matter what.

And that’s what was in my mind when I randomly found the new recipe book by Ladurée during my lunchtime: Entertaining – recipes, ideas and inspiration.

I was completely ecstatic! I have the first one they issued with desserts recipes and I know about the second one with savory recipes but I had no idea about this one!

Needless to say that I had to buy it and impatiently wait till evening to read through it.

It is like having a piece of art that helps you make another delicatessen piece of art…

Laduree book3


Yoghurt Cake with Pears

photo 2

Last week-end, I felt like cooking and eating one of my grand-mother’s all time favorite : the yoghurt cake.

It is a very simple and healthy recipe. You can add fruits or chocolate chips to it.

I added Pears since we are in the fall season and because I love the balance of the cake and the tenderness of the pear.

The base of this recipe is 1 small plain yoghurt: Put the yoghurt into a bowl and then add the rest of the ingredients using the empty yoghurt cup as measuring cup.


1 small plain yoghurt

sugar: 2 yohurts

flour: 3 yoghurts

olive oil: 1/2 yoghurt

2 eggs

2 teaspoons of baking powder.

2 pealed and chopped pears (or more depending on your taste).

Mix everything together and put in the oven during 30-45 min at around 300-350 Fharenheit / 180 Celsius.


photo 1