About Me

This blog is about food in general and about sharing my inspirations and recipes. I love eating and I love cooking even though I am often lazy 🙂 but when I cook I do it right. Well I try at least. 🙂

I am French, married to an Indian and living in New York. This mix is making my every day life more inspiring and get reflected in my cooking.

I learned cooking from my parents (with my dad cooking the traditionnal grilled chicken every sunday) and both my grand-mothers. My mom’s family is from Brittany and my dad’s family lives in south-west of France, in Pau/Bearn, next to Biarritz and the Pays Basque.

My family background is showing already a good mix in the influences and the French food that I love. Getting married to an Indian added a whole other dimension to it. He also loves food and is very passionate about it. As a consequence he is of course my first and best judge. 🙂

I also learned from my friends by seeing how they cook and what ingredients they use. I dont have enough space to mention all of them but at least some of them:

– my best friend Claire is a great cook and will always be a source of inspiration and advices.

– my friend Sophie living in Barcelona: she loves to cook as well and inspired me on transmitting her passion on the web and her different blogs.

Adding to the mix, my travels and the various restaurants that I get to discover in New York are showing me other possibilites in the world of food and cooking.

I often get ideas everywhere I go and look at various recipes based on a main ingredient. I mix everything to create my own recipe depending on my taste and also what I have at home at that moment.

Baguette and Paneer are some of my favorites in French and Indian food, among many others.

I hope you will enjoy discovering through this blog all my inspirations from my French childhood recipes to my most recent Indian discoveries through my travels inspirations.

And off we go : Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks! I am getting to know more and more of Indian cooking right now as the first step to create French-Indian Fusion 🙂
      I really enjoy discovering more and more about Indian cooking through the variety of vegeterian dishes as I am discreasing more and more our consumption of meat.
      Hope you will enjoy following my blog!

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