Zucchini and Tomato Quiche

It had been quite a while since we had quiche and I had this need for a quiche last night 🙂

Quiche is one of my specialty. I did the regular quiche Lorraine for quite long time and switched to a version with vegetables when I started eating less meat.
I love the one with zucchini and tomatoes, it’s fresh, healthy & vegetarian 🙂

– 1 pie crust ( trick to avoid having the crust all watery because of the tomatoes: cook it half way in the oven before)
– 2 small or 1 bug zucchini
– 2 medium tomatoes
– 100 ml of milch (3.5 oz or the equivalent if a small tea cup)
– 3 eggs

Mix with a fork the eggs and the milch.
Add salt & pepper.
Cut the tomatoes & zucchinis in small pieces. Mix with the milch/egg.

Cook for at least 45 min at 350/400F.




I like to have a small salad in the side when I eat quiche and this time I decided to try with watermelon.

It was fresh, good and original, it definitely changed the taste, from a salty note to a very fruity one.
It was pretty good!




Samosas & Litchies

Tonight was a diner all in memory of our recent trip to India 🙂

My husband brought a big bag of litchies back from China town and we got Samosas from his family in Connecticut.

Yes. I didn’t do the Samosas my self, I am far from that level…

The only thing I had to actually do was to prepare a yoghurt sauce to go with the samosas.

– 1 or 2 table spoon of yoghurt
– add some salt, garlic, coriander depending on your taste.
Any other spice can go too, and I regretted not having any dill as it would have been perfect with the yoghurt.



Granola for breakfast

When you go out for brunch in New York City, you often find Granola Yoghurt with fruits. Actually you even find it at Starbucks…

When I came to the US the first time 3 years back, we would travel a lot to various cities with my friends, getting cheap deals and ending up getting coffee & breakfast on the go at Starbucks.
I discovered Granola Yoghurt with fruits there and loved it.

I do it quite often at home now, it’s a good change from eggs & omelets 🙂

I usually use blackberries and bananas but this time I had peach and decided to try.

Yoghurt Granola with fruits:

– 2 tablespoons of yoghurt (either regular or Greek yoghurt)
– 2 tablespoon of Granola
– blackberries
– 1 peach
– 1/2 teaspoon of maple sirup

Of course you can adapt the proportions depending in your taste 🙂

The maple sirup was an idea from my Japanese friend Mariko, it adds a nice sugary taste!



Oh and we had Chinese Jasmin tea to go with it – love it!


Pasta, ti amo

I moved into a new apartment last week and didn’t get a lot of time to unpack since… Last week-end we were at a wedding in Massachusetts and I used my free 4th of July day to finally unpack most of our stuff – including kitchenware 🙂

I finally had a decent kitchen and could start organizing it – kind of.

Tonight I did what I call “emergency diner” : pasta with ready-made tomato sauce and cheese.

While unpacking we found this ready made tomato sauce that I forgot we had – or maybe my husband got it before I moved in 🙂
He was challenging me by asking if I would ever use this sauce. And I said Yes! So I thought I would start tonight since I didn’t have a lot of other options 🙂

We had this fancy cheese Pecorino Romano, that we got at Dean&Deluca. We had never heard of it and thought it would be a good change from the Parmigiana. It was a new taste and pretty good!

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